Websec en el Hacker Halted USA 2012

Pedro Joaquín and I will be speaking at Hacker Halted USA 2012 this Oct 31th in Miami,FL. If you are going to be around, stop by our talk and say hi.


The importance of security in home routers is wrongly diminished. Vulnerable routers pose a dangerous threat as all of our information passes through these devices. What happens when someone has complete control of your router? How many vulnerable devices are there? How common are these attacks? How difficult is it to exploit them?

We recently gathered a massive amount of Web server banners to identify common networking devices / home routers. In this presentation we will show the results and review their current state of security and the impact of the vulnerabilities that affect them.

Demos of the exploitation of the most important vulnerabilities will be shown. This includes a couple of 0days, backdoors, botnets and advanced blended threats.