CatSniffer: Swiss Army for IoT RF Hacking

CatSniffer (?) is an original multiprotocol, and multiband board made for sniffing, communicating, and attacking IoT (Internet of Things) devices. It was designed as a highly portable USB stick that integrates the new chips TI CC1352, Semtech SX1262, and Microchip SAMD21E17.

This board is a swiss army for IoT security researchers, developers, and enthusiasts. The board can be used with different types of software including third-party sniffers such as SmartRF Packet SnifferSnifflezigbee2mqttZ-Stack-firmwareUbiqua Protocol Analyzerour custom firmware, or you can even write your own software for your specific needs.

CatSniffer can operate in 3 different frequencies:

  • LoRa
  • Sub 1 GHz
  • 2.4 GHz


  • Thread
  • Zigbee
  • Bluetooth 5 Low Energy (BLE)
  • IEEE 802.15.4g
  • 6LoWPAN (IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Networks)
  • Sub 1GHz and patented systems
  • LoRa/LoRaWAN
Bring a CatSniffer home

Practical IoT Hacking – Early access

Practical IoT Hacking with NoStarch Press

After many months of hard work, Practical IoT Hacking is available now through NoStarch’s Early Access program and print copies are scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2021!

I must say that this was a very interesting project with an awesome multidisciplinary team that contributed to make this book a very solid read for anyone wanting to understand concepts and techniques for IoT security.

Finally, I just want to thank everyone. I really hope you all like what we decided to put on this book and please do spread the word among your friends. It really helps 🙂

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