Android applications for web developers

Although my Nexus One is not neccesarily the best device to work on for web development tasks, I decided to check out the applications already available for Android and it was a nice surprise to find some nice tools.

If you do some web development, you should consider checking out the following apps:

DroidAnalytics (FREE)

This app let you visualize your Google Analytics data. Until Google releases the official Google Analytics application this seems to be the best client out there.


With GDOCS you can manage your documents in your Google Documents account. Gdocs is very useful for sharing documents with specifications, presentations and other resources.

Android CodePad (FREE)

This is a source code viewer with syntax highlighting. It supports all the main languages and it just does the job right.

PHP Manual (FREE)

PHP reference at your fingertips.

RegExpErt (FREE)

Test your regex nightmares before unleashing them into the wild.

MySQL Analyzer ($2.99)

This app lets you manage your MySQL database. The app supports analyzing, profiling and executing queries right on your phone.

Dropbox (FREE)

Syncronize files between all your different devices. Note: I have had some issues with larger files but it seems to work perfectly with files under 10MB

TimeTracker (FREE)

Best free time tracking tool I’ve tried. Useful for billing clients and keeping track of your hours, tasks and projects.


Fully featured FTP/SFTP/FTPS client. Simply the best free FTP/SFTP/FTPS client you can get.

vRecorder (FREE)

I wasn’t sure if I should include this one here but I think its very useful to record a client when you are gathering requirements over the phone. Remember to check your local laws before doing this.


Did I miss a gem? Let me know in the comments.



P != NP

Vinay Deolalikar has presented his attempt to prove P!=NP. Although it hasn’t been accepted by the community it seems like a serious attempt so I’m excited about this. Hopefully this proof won’t be another hoax.


On other news, I don’t have any new material to post since I’ve been pretty busy with school these days but stayed tuned for the upcoming tutorial: Training tesseract to read your favorite captcha