bcbus goes open source

BCBus is an Android application I developed to have BCTransit’s schedules on my phone for offline access. BCBus is my first Android project and a very important part of my learning experience with the Android OS as I had to play around with layouts, intents, async tasks, row views, sqlite interaction and memory optimization.

Going open-source

I’ve been living in México for over a year now and I simply no longer have the required time to maintain and update this application. For this reason I’d like to share the code with the world and maybe someone will find it useful and learn from it. I also encourage anyone who might be interested in picking up this project to reach out to me for more information.

Existing paid users

Since it wouldn’t be fair to you, I will keep up to date the schedules of your current cities. Please contact me to let me know if you are having issues with some of the schedules.

Github repository


Special credits

  • Renata Gomez for helping me with the dashboard icons

  • Guenther Beyer from androidicons.com for helping me with the design of an awesome icon and graphics for the dashboard

  • CBC for interviewing me on one of their radio shows and help me spread the word.


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